Friday, September 18, 2015

Nutritional benefits countless diet of vegetables

By: youssef jabbouji On: 9/18/2015
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  • Based diet of vegetables to eat the largest possible amount of vegetables and authorities and vegetable juice your vegetables and soup. It is true that this diet reduces weight but has many nutritional benefits including:

    - Vegetables gives high nutritional values of the body.

    - The body can absorb easily and do not constitute a burden on the stomach and not on the digestive system.

    - If Mutira to eat two cups of vegetable juice every day, this will help you to reduce your body weight by four times more than other types of diets that do not contain vegetable juice.

    To raise the blood pressure so it is useful for those who suffer from low blood pressure as it does to improving the representation of the body process food and burn fat and grease in the body better, leading to weight loss with ease.

    - Diet vegetable juice contains healthy foods gives multiple benefits to the body.

    - Vegetables improves mood and mental health of a human being.

    - Vegetables destroys the case of insomnia and sleep gives you well.

    - Diet vegetable juice easy to implement and they contain ingredients that are available in the market and is expensive.

    Wednesday, September 16, 2015

    Enter these foods to your breakfast to lose weight

    By: youssef jabbouji On: 9/16/2015
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  • If you are trying to lose the extra kilos of weight, and your system before you change the whole food and food are subject to harsh diet, try to enter some of the material and nutrients to your breakfast.

    These foods and drinks that will factors cost a lot of weight with time, if you have entered into your breakfast in the morning.

    Here If this group proposed "Robin Helmintel" site in the "Women's Health" that the World:

    1. Coffee:

    Coffee with your meal the morning may be useful to you particularly if you're doing exercise in the morning: a study published in the "International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism" found that a drink containing caffeine an hour before your practice sports can raise the level of fat burning even 15%.

    2. Banana: Try it with a delicious juices in the morning.

    3. Eggs:

    Research has shown that the introduction of proteins to your breakfast can help you to fight hunger later in the day, it was meant to deal with fewer calories at lunch.

    If you love this rich food ingredient protein fried or boiled, it is a sound idea to be dealt with first in the morning.

    4. Berries:

    These small fruits loaded with antioxidants, and once entered into your diet, you can lose a lot of weight without having to worry about counting calories.

    5. Strawberries:

    6. Tea:

    Be aware that green tea is the best way to lose weight.

    7. Milk:

    Milk is another excellent way to earn some proteins start in the morning.

    8. Spinach:

    This vegetable green paper is an excellent weight-loss Bmnftin: it is rich in fiber, which is also one of the richest vegetable proteins.

    7 rules help you lose weight.

    By: youssef jabbouji On: 9/16/2015
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  • Losing weight is not an easy task, but you can follow some of the rules that will help you learn more ways to lose weight and get rid of obesity and its problems and gain a healthier and positive life.

    It is the rules that published site Women's Health are:

    - Stop eating at night

    You do not have to buy special foods diet  or go to the gym and exercise on a daily basis, all you need is to stop eating after nine o'clock pm to avoid the accumulation of fat in the body.

    - Drinking water

    Water a key role in reducing the weight and avoid the risk of obesity, so it has to be drinking seven to eight cups per day. Research has shown that eating foods composed mainly of water, such as soups and salads with lots of vegetables and juice can satisfy more with fewer calories.

    - Sleep

    Most people do not realize that sleep directly affects the hormones that control hunger and satiety have. Admittedly American studies and research conducted recently, said that eight hours of sleep a day keeps these hormones balanced and thus preserving the appetite be easier. "

    - Playing sports

    Spend as long as possible in the training halls sports. The idea is that by doing specific mathematical process you can burn more calories and increase your fitness level.

    - Drinking coffee

    Drink a cup of coffee a day Studies have shown that caffeine in coffee helps in the release of fatty acids in the blood, and thus help you to training for longer and more intense.

    - Protein and fiber intake at each meal

    Instead of counting calories count your intake of protein and fiber in each meal food. Where the addition of protein in your diet helps you stay active throughout the day and you can also choose snacks rich in protein instead of sugary foods that cause you to feel anxious and lead to fragments in eating food.